march 2018 // it's a wrap!

April 06, 2018


didn't march just start like, two days ago?? um??? IM WASTING MY LIFE AWAY HOLY MOSES WHAT IS HAPPENINGGG

*coughs awkwardly*

excuse me and my troubled conscience. this month i'm gonna try a new type of monthly wrap up, so feel free to let me know how you liked it. :)

+ wonderful postings +

+ don't let the world tell you who to be - introverted extrovert
+ problems with today's ya - charis rae
+ thoughts on adversity - a farm girl's life
+ something - summer of 1999
+ open letter to my generation - ivie writes

+ beautiful readings +

wow, i read a lot in march. o.O during spring break i was seriously working on getting out of my reading slump, and i think it worked almost too much, heh. i kinda read more than i worked on school...

might need to work on that in april. *grins sheepishly* (click ze title to go to goodreads)

+ steelheart [reckoners #1] // felt like an action movie // action-packed // interesting plot // MY MAN CODY // the metaphors complete my life //

+ firefight [reckoners #2] // prob my favorite of the three // tHiS wORlDbUiLdInG // WHOA THAT CLIFFHANGER // *squeals at my ship successfully sailing* //

+ calamity [reckoners #3] // dramaaaaaaa // david being an idjit // last few chapters be confucius maximus // worst?? ending??? ever??? // so much unused potential //

+ nightfall [keeper of the lost cities #6] // all the feels // THIS LOVE TRIANGLE WONT END AKSDGJHSD // keefe is such a drama queen oh my word // cliffhangerrrr // lovely world building, as usual //

+ mitosis [reckoners #1.5] // fun lil in-between // expands on the fabulous world building // too short, i want moreeee *breaks out into song from my high-school-musical-obsessed days* //

ps. i like you // very fluffy and adorable // cheered me up on the gray day i read this // yay for clean romance!!! // unique storyline //

+ the false prince [the ascendance trilogy #1] // the sarcasm is real and i LOVE IT // ooooooooo plot twisterssssss // like a twisted, genderbent princess academy //

+ the runaway king [the ascendance trilogy #2] // fave of the trilogy // so much action // so much adorable shippings // so much bromance // so much snark // so much yES //


+ the shadow throne [the ascendance trilogy #3] // a little too fast-paced // *intense sObBiNG* // *but then intense hApPY squEAliNG* // not as satisfying of a conclusion as i would've liked // could use more world building //

+ fabulous listenings +

march was definitely a chill time for music, that's for sure. i was struggling with some stuff this month, so it required some more mellow/nostalgic-feeling tunes at times. here's a couple of faves:

+ sylvan esso - wolf - die young
+ dodie - party tattoos
+ owl city - cave in - the saltwater room - vanilla twilight
+ miley cyrus - younger now
+ the lumineers - holdin' out
+ odesza - a moment apart - late night
+ pentatonix - standing by

+ amazing watchings +

+ jumanji - PRETTY SURE JACK BLACK AND KEVIN HART ARE THE STARS OF THE SHOW MKAY. i honestly died laughing so many times, it was great. there's a couple bad jokes, unfortunately, but it's still just ugh. so funny. 10/10 recommend, my frens.

+ the bridge of spies - i mean, it's tom hanks, so you can't really go wrong. very cool and dramatic movie.

+ the big family cooking showdown - IM OBSESSED WITH BRITISH FOOD SHOWS AND YOU CANT STOP ME

+ psych - best. show. ever. and it's relatively clean so bonus points for that, am i right?? currently in the middle of season 5, and it just keeps getting better and better. ALSO LASSITER MY CHILD *hyperventilates*

what are some of your favorites from march?? *casually blames this awkwardly late post on me being sick for a week* what are you looking forward to in april?

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  1. Ahhh, I can't WAIT to watch the new Jumanji, I loved the old one as a child. <3

    Pentatonix is SO good!!!

    1. ITS THE BEST. you'll love it, for sure.

      right?? they're music is so prettyyyyyyy

    ahem. i love owl city like so much.
    to me it sounds like you did quite a bit in march. maybe not swimming the channel or anything but still a lot. ;P
    you keep it up and do what you like.

    1. YES I DIDDDDDD. oh yeah he's amazing, no doubt about it.
      ahaha well, if a lot means trying to figure out how to keep my sanity while i sat home alone twiddling my thumbs, then yeah. i was a busy bee all right. XD
      thanks, man. i definitely plan to. *finger guns*

  3. Loved this! And yeah wow that's a lot of books haha

    1. thanks, girl! ehehe, yeeeeaaaahhhh :3

  4. Oh my word, thank you for mentioning my post. That means so much to me!!

    Sounds like your month was filled with some nice reads. A lot of those books are on my TBR. I need to read them soon, lol. Especially the False Prince trilogy. XD

    I'm sorry there was bad stuff going on in your life during March. I hope April treats you so much better. <3 I'll be praying for you. <3

    ~Ivie| Ivie Writes

    1. psshhh no problem!! it's such a real and true post, and wayyyy more people need to read it.
      yup, it was! i used them as an excuse against schoolwork, but it was totally worth it. :D DUDE SAME. my tbr is like, towering over me at the moment. *nervously sweats to infinity* OH MY GOODNESS YES, WOMAN. TFP IS ONE OF THE GREATEST CREATIONS THIS WORLD HAS SEEN
      asdgaksjdgaklsdjfa omw thank you, girlie <333 that means so much :)


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